Why Reiki

 Actors and performers experience a tremendous amount of stress which can create a huge imbalance in our mind and body. This affects our creativity and productivity, as well as our physical and mental health. So much of the life of the performer is geared to deliver: deliver to the audience, deliver to the director, deliver to the choreographer, the conductor, the casting agent, the producer, and on and on. Yet we have so little training or practice in how to deliver to ourselves. This is what reiki can give us.

Many of the concepts used in the practice of reiki are already familiar to performers. The techniques actors use for creating presence, such as focus, concentration, authentic connection, and nonverbal communication, along with basic understanding of breath and body work, are at the core of practicing reiki.  Performers already have a foundational understanding of our bodies and energy as instruments of expressing creativity.  The leap to using our hands as energetic instruments for expressing healing, which is at the foundation of reiki, is both logical and revelatory.

Reiki is a wonderful self care technique that can be added to  each individual actors “Tool Box”.  It is a practice that is adaptive to each single artist regardless of ones training, philosophy, or world orientation.  Reiki  is a complementary care modality that may used by the actor  for the purpose of relaxation, stress relief  and emotional self care.

Disclaimer: Reiki practitioners do not diagnose, prescribe or treat disease or mental illness. The practice of reiki is not intended as a substitute for certified therapeutic or medical care and should be used in conjunction with any medical or therapeutic treatment.

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