Welcome to Reiki for the Actor.  I teach performers the system of  Reiki Ryôhô,  a simple energetic healing technique of self-care that can restore and revive so that you continually perform your art with a renewed sense of vitality.  The pressures on the performer are many: from the high demands of rehearsals and performances, to the constant anxiety of getting the next gig, the repeated stress of auditions, and the ever-present strain of self-marketing and promotion. Many of us have spent years training and working in our discipline but few of us are ever taught how to really care for ourselves in a deep, consistent way. We are not often given the skills to keep ourselves energetically whole and healthy in order to create. Because of this, we can often feel depleted, drained and depressed.

The beauty of  Reiki Ryôhô, is that it is simple to learn, easy to practice and can qucikly restore you to a place of renewal that invigorates your artistic life. It is ideally suited to any performer: not only actors, but also singers, dancers, musicians, spoken word artists, and all creative combinations thereof.